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Fifth-generation warfare is the latest type of warfare we face. Instead of a war against a foreign enemy, the newest warfare is between us and a cabal of conspirators. Some people call it the “deep state” or “the one world order.” Some claim that Klaus Swab and the World Economic Forum are behind this warfare. Knowing who is behind the scenes is not as important as knowing this “diabolical force,” whoever they are, has waged war against you and me. The warfare is conducted through social engineering and misinformation while utilizing the internet and mass media as its main field of action. Fifth-generation warfare attempts to accomplish strategic objectives by controlling the mainline news with its propaganda. Unknown actors carry it out for unknown reasons. Even if we identify the enemy, the victim nation(s) will not be able to understand the purpose or end goal. An essential aspect of fifth-generation warfare is deception. The targets do not know they are under attack. Thus the target has already lost that battle.

The attack on the twin towers on September 11, 2001, the euphoria over global warming, the lockdowns and vaccinations of Covid-19, and the war in Ukraine are examples of this clandestine warfare against humanity. Knowledge of the enemy’s plan is essential to winning the battle; do not be fooled by the enemy’s propaganda. If not for knowing the truth, the battle is already lost. These events feed on fear and disrupt the world economic system, and all have led to a loss of freedom and the centralization of power. A hidden aspect of this fifth-generation warfare is the medication thrust upon an unsuspecting public. According to Big Pharma, a large percentage of the population is consuming statin medication. Cognitive impairment is the typical “side effect” of these drugs that treat blood pressure problems, diabetes, psychological neurosis, etc. Statins can physically and mentally disarm an unsuspecting public while disarming a nation into believing the propaganda.

The conspiracy does not appear advanced enough to make most people puppets because the propaganda and spin are SO stupid and self-contradicting that the only way people can still believe the official line on many things is that they are frightened of or incapable of actual thinking. The plot is to make war against God, history, traditions, and independent thinking. The goal is to create a nation of sheeple. A fact of nature is that something must fill a void. Birds fly through the air, propelled airplanes fly, and vacuum cleaners pick up dirt from your carpet by forming a vacuum. Nature says something must fill a void. The enemy intends to abolish history by the demolition of historical statues etc., evading the rule of law by lawless practices, and even ignoring the laws of nature by blending the lines between male and female. The cabal plans to create a vacuum and fill the void with its ideas and beliefs.

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