Amazon Reviews of And They will Riot in the Streets

….. Five-star review by Jeffry F. of Kenneth Long’s latest book, “And They will Riot In The StreetsA Nation Deceived is a Nation Enslaved” The book captures the sobering deleterious plans and activities that are weakening our nation both from within and without our borders. He has compiled a myriad of quotes and statements that institutions once hid and are now in the open. The information is both very current 2021 as well as historical. Ken’s grasp of the historical material, current political and economic situations is sobering. This book is an eye-opener no matter what side of the political aisle you walk as you digest the words and statements of leaders in banking, politics, education, economics, etc. Being an economist, Kenneth Long has fixed an eye on the economic undertones of destructive forces. At 148 pages, the book is a quick read for most and will become a handy reference book.

….. Five-star review by RQ. There are subtle fables out there that can be spun into the reality of the everyday. One that comes to mind when reading Mr. Long’s book is the fable of the frog in the boiling water pot. Granted in real life this probably would never happen, but as with fables, things do happen. Mr. Long lays out some groundwork of what is happening in our nation in regards to the political, economic, and virus that has swept the world. The backdrop of history and the slow erosion of our national heritage over the years is potentially displayed in this book. We’re not living in a fable, but the reality of this is the seduction of America began a long time ago. We need not look at the fable and dismiss it as fiction, we just have to look no further than the sixth chapter of the Book of Genesis to see where we are today as a nation and as a whole planet. Mr. Long’s book provides the details of the seduction and the reason darkness has put a blinder on most of the people on this planet. Don’t be afraid to read this book, it may wake you up to reality!

….. Five-star by Y30. Not for the Faint of Heart. The world has gone crazy! Why all this craziness? I think a lot of people are asking that question these days. How did this start and who or what were the perpetrators? In Kenneth E. Long’s book, They Will Riot in the Streets, he shows where the beginnings of all the turmoil manifested. This book deals with all the social and economic crises that are now ravaging the social, political, and economic structure not only of America but the entire planet. This book is not for the faint of heart, but for those really wanting to know the truth.

….. Five-star review by Louisiane. While people complain about conspiracy theorists, the author of this book introduces information that has been “cancelled” by anyone wanting to filter the news/information. I highly recommend this book for those who do not want to be left in the dark about what is REALLY happening. In the process, this knowledge is sourced and provides evidence of what goes on behind the scenes, while the mass population believes everything. I am not for conspiracy theories based on hearsay, but when facts back it up, the knowledge can be unsettling. The time that we live in was predicted to be the great Awakening. I always thought that it would mean something else, but this book helps us understand that perhaps the great Awakening would be to realize how we have been duped into believing everything fed to us by the fake news media. It is time to wake up. Read the book.

….. Five-star review by Zartman. Truly, History, Truly. There was a time when a country identified itself by ancestry and common ethnic nationality. Not so for America. If America abandons its political and economic structures, it will lose its identity more thoroughly than a country defined by a common ethnic and cultural background. America’s identity is the institutions of personal liberty, free contracts, jury trials, uncensored news media, regular and free elections, open competition, private property rights, religious freedom, and habeas corpus. Fire and blood will come when citizens abandon these pillars of freedom…this is from the book’s introduction, I agree! Let’s see if the author makes his case.

….. Five-star review by an Amazon Customer. Just finished this amazing book! As a college student with an interest in this subject, this book looked very interesting to me. I really enjoyed reading this book and the fact that it is about the crisis going on right now in the world. It contained excellent quotes and was truly super interesting while learning so much information at the same time. I would highly recommend you will not be disappointed!!!!