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Interview with Mellissa Cuimmei THEY WANT YOUR CHILDREN!

In 1913 the federal government transferred monetary authority to the Federal Reserve, a private corporation owned by the world’s central bankers. The government borrows money by selling bonds (securities) to the Fed. At the top of every dollar bill is printed FEDERAL RESERVE NOTE. A note is an IOU; in this case, it is a debt we owe to the central bankers. Since 1971 we have had a debt-based economy. Every fiat currency eventually debases down to zero, making the currency worthless. (Post #97, WHAT CAUSES INFLATION?) The world’s fiat currencies are on their deathbed, so the Globalists believe we must reset the global economy with a new financial system to keep the game alive. (Post #89 THE GLOBALISTS).

The move toward universal vaccination is an economic and political movement, with the end game being a new financial system. (Post# 120 THE END GAME). It is essential to indoctrinate children into this new system to condition them for this brave new world. All the school closings and lockdowns, the mask requirements, etcetera prepare children for the new system. As children mature, they will willingly accept government mandates to participate in society. The pandemic will end with the digital monetary system, and everyone has a medical/financial passport. The passports will store medical and financial information on a chip allowing authorities to control every aspect of your life. The Globalists will verify your digital identity by a chip implanted somewhere on your body. A Swedish company, Epicenter, sells a microchip implanted under the skin. You can watch a video demonstration at South China Morning Post.

The Globalists have a strategy to convert our present system to a digital system with everyone participating. This digital system will record transactions in cyberspace, and everyone will be under the Globalists’ authority. A digital ID will allow the Globalists to dictate what we can spend our money on and tie this to a social credit system. But for that new financial system to work, everyone must have a vaccination passport. (Post #110 ARCHBISHOP VIGANO) Artificial Intelligence will replace most low-income workers, making them expendable. Small and medium-sized businesses are a target because they employ most low-income workers. The new system will not tolerate workers who are not dependant on them for their livelihood; thus, the government has paid people not to work. To prevent this new system from controlling our lives, enough people must refuse to participate. All people need to do is not comply. ARCHIVE


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  1. This is very interesting, Ken. How about the proven record of vaccines, though? We have all had vaccines throughout our childhood to prevent serious illness and death. Cannot deny the health benefits of it. Are the Globalists using vaccines (though valid for ending the pandemic) as a way to achieve the ultimate goal of world domination?

    1. Hello Denise,

      The Covid shots are not vaccines, they are experimental mRNAs. Read post #27 – WHAT IS mRNA? For a detailed discussion click on VIDEOS and watch C19 VAX REACTIONS and GRAPHENE – HYDROXIDE. Since the Globalists have a plan for world domination and a goal of eliminating much of the world’s population, why would you believe them when they pressure you to take their jab?!

      Thanks for reading my blog and commenting,
      God bless you,

      1. Hi Denise, Ken is correct these vaccines are not like the ones we had in childhood of long ago. The Covid vaccines are only released on EUA Emergency Use Authorization and not proved out fully like the ones we had in childhood. They are still experimental and test data shows the efficacy is very poor and side effects dwarf fully approved vaccines. Therefore it is very premature and a major over reach of our government to mandate these experiments. Take them under doctor advisement but not by government coersion. This is not what a free society does.

  2. I for one will not cooperate or comply and am aware of another 74million people like me. This is a scary and plausible scenario that looks to be unfolding, BUT God. I like and rely on the BUT God statements and interactions of God in the bible toward a people whose hearts are turned toward Him with repentance and desperate prayer. God prefers to bless vs judge 2 Chronicles 7:14ish. He provides warnings through prophets or men like Ken and we are grateful for the warnings. The enemy is deceptive, cunning and smart. Those who oppose them must be smarter and have hearts of faith and lions. So let us not comply now and educate the useful idiots out there.

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