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The American Journal of Psychiatry defines menticide as “An organized system of judicial perversion and psychological intervention, in which a powerful tyrant transfers his own thoughts and words into the minds and mouths of the victims he plans to destroy or to use for his own propaganda. Modern psychiatry may deliver him several tools for this perversion.” Many people lose their logical thinking when a totalitarian process takes hold of a population. When people fail to think logically, they become gullible to the point of admitting to an act of which they are innocent. At this point, the individual disappears, and the collective takes hold. Menticide can take place regardless of the education or intelligence of the host. People become equally stupid when they lose the capacity for critical thinking. As Covid policies become the norm, the plan hypnotizes people to a new reality. 

It only takes thirty percent of the population to complete the process with the official narrative. Most people will follow suit for fear of being different. They do not want to go against the official narrative. Only a small percentage will be bold enough to swim against the current. Solomon Asch’s experiment of the 1950s revealed how opinions can be influenced. He showed small groups lines of different lengths on paper. Asch instructed the first persons to claim that two lines were equal when they were not. Most people agreed with the consensus for fear of being different. Solomon gave two hypotheses to explain his findings. One group convinced themselves that their eyes were deceiving them. Another group was too timid and did not want to stand out from the majority even though they knew they were giving the wrong answer.

Freedom requires courageous people to unify and make their voices heard; they must overcome tyrannical censorship. If this group can gain enough traction, many fence-sitters will join them. The tyrants will wage a campaign against the naysayers to prevent this from happening. For example, the unvaccinated become public terrorists. Doctors who fail to support the pharmaceutical companies lose their jobs, and employers must fire employees who refuse vaccination. If authorities successfully silenced the naysayers, if censorship of dissonant voices is complete, history shows that tyrants will commit atrocities against their own. The movement ultimately devours its children. Although the cabal controls the mainstream media, the alternative news media is growing. The most important thing we can do is speak out. We live in dangerous times, but we can still avoid a disastrous dystopian catastrophic ending. BLOG ARCHIVES


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