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Wikipedia defines punitive psychiatry as “Political abuse of psychiatry, also commonly referred to as punitive psychiatry, is the misuse of psychiatry, including diagnosis, detention, and treatment, for the purposes of obstructing the human rights of individuals and/or groups in a society.” From 1960-1980, psychiatry was one of the main instruments of repression in the USSR. The authorities persecuted dissidents and human rights defenders under the guise of being mentally unstable. Opponents of the communist regime were diagnosed with ‘sluggish schizophrenia’ and held against their will. When the state diagnosed Individuals with sluggish schizophrenia, the authorities deprived them of their driving licenses. They could not study in institutions of higher learning, travel abroad, and the state frequently incarcerated them in psychiatric hospitals or isolation facilities, that is, special-purpose camps. 

Punitive psychiatry could raise its ugly head in America if we allow the building of COVID camps for people who refuse to comply with COVID rules and regulations. We must push back against executive orders that call for the arrest and transfer of people to intermittent camps who do not comply with COVID rules. The state could send non-compliant people to these Covid camps, all without the due process of law or respect for civil rights. Persons who push back against Covid regulations could be deemed mentally impaired and therefore subject to this incarceration. Under Executive Orders, the state could force individuals to comply with state mandates by force if necessary. These Covid camps and isolation facilities would be a throwback to totalitarian regimes’ psychiatric institutions, and they would directly threaten our civil rights and freedom in America.

In 2020 the Center for Disease and Control (CDC) issued a paper about relocating “high risk individuals” (read unvaccinated) into green zone camps. The first line of the document reads, “shielding approach in humanitarian settings …” The paper includes older people as being high-risk individuals. The purpose of the camps is to shield the low-risk people (the vaccinated) from the high-risk people (the unvaccinated). The paper advises “the separation from family members and personal interactions may require additional psychological support systems.” Does this advocate a maximum-security prison for non-conformists? The document speaks of group shelters of 5 to 10 households to huge camps that could accommodate as many as 15,000 people. Is “punitive psychiatry” coming to America?!! 


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