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JOE: The work situation has turned dire. I could no longer take the constant coercion tactics and threats of termination. I found it impossible to focus on my actual job duties. They informed me daily that I will be terminated next month unless I take the injection. The stress of the situation has made me unable to sleep. Especially since they have basically threatened to ruin me financially. They told me I would be unable to draw unemployment and I seriously doubt they would ever give me a good reference since I would be labeled as “Insubordinate”. They got me by the balls. Nowhere left to run. The only way forward for me was to accept the terms of this tyrannical mandate.  I took the J & J injection on Monday. I have been feeling terrible ever since. I am suffering from headaches and chills, numbness, and chest pains. I fear I have taken a poison…literally. I have been drinking lots of fluids and bone broth to replenish my nutrients and minerals. I am feeling a bit better but still feel as if something is off. I believe I will recover. I hope I will anyways. Sometimes… when you are outnumbered and the enemy has you surrounded….and there is no place to run….You must join them or die…But sometimes you are not joining them……you are simply infiltrating!!!!!!!