#144 It should be evident to anyone paying attention that the world is on the cusp of radical change. We are witnessing the beginning of a global banking dictatorship where a universal digital currency will supplant national currencies and mark the end of liberty. This transition will complete the demise of freedom except for aContinue reading “MERCHANTS OF DEATH”


#143 “911, the threat of global warming, the Covid pandemic, and the war in Ukraine are examples of the Hegelian Dialectic method of control The puppet masters change cultures to fit their narrative by proposing a solution to a self-imposed problem that ushers in a foreordained conclusion.” Quote from AND THEY WILL RIOT IN THEContinue reading “ARCHBISHOP VIGANO part 4”


#142 Following is a copied message from Natascha Janssen of the Netherlands. My mother was born in the former Soviet Union, in Ukraine, where my extended family is a mix of Russians and Ukrainians. Because of this, I feel called to share my vision on the developments in Ukraine. With my Russian/Ukrainian roots, I loveContinue reading “UKRAINE: A PERSONAL ACCOUNT”


#141 UKRAINE CRISES: DONBAS – CHRONICLE of GENOCIDE (2014) MOSAIC OF FACTS ALLIANCES LEADING TO WORLD WAR ONE Ukraine’s democratically elected president Viktor Yanukovych fell out of favor with the western powers when he rejected a European Union trade agreement that would have meant crushing loans. Petro Poroshenko, a former head of Ukraine’s Central BankContinue reading “UKRAINE REVISITED”


#140 My Dinner with Andre is a 1981 American comedy-drama film directed by Louis Malle, and written by and starring André Gregory and Wallace Shawn. The actors play fictionalized versions of themselves sharing a conversation at a Cafe. Following is a six-minute segment of the movie titled We are Bored. Watch on YouTube Okay. Yes,Continue reading “MY DINNER WITH ANDRE”


Post #134 Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has officially declared Canada a dictatorship and invoked the Emergencies Act to crack down on protesters who oppose his policies. Citizens who trust the government, who are willing to abide by the rules and restrictions, and who do not criticize or question government authority may not recognize tyranny.Continue reading “TRUDEAU’S REVENGE Part 1”


Post #130 TAMARA LICH (Freedom Convoy Organizer) FULL SPEECH We are here out of love for our families, communities, and nation. These past two years, the COVID mandates have divided us. This protest began because of the federal government’s restrictions on trucker freedoms. Our movement has grown in Canada and worldwide because ordinary people areContinue reading “TRUCKERS RESIST TYRANNY”