#176 The following is an excerpt from Ken’s book Economic Essentials The Swiss Federal Institute of Technology did a study to map the power structure of the global economy. They found a Super-Entity of 144 corporate fronts globally, with 75% of these fronts being financial institutions named the One Bank. One Bank controls 40% of the global economy and allContinue reading “WHAT IS ONE BANK?”


#175 Eric Blair (1903-1950) went by the pen name George Orwell. He is famous for his books Animal Farm (1945) and Nineteen Eighty-four (1949). Nineteen-Eighty-four examines the dangers of totalitarian rule by following the experiences of the main character Winston Smith. Smith has a low-ranking job altering historical records to fit the government’s official narrative. In the beginning, Winston grows toContinue reading “THE MINISTRY OF TRUTH”


#174 The following information is from Sarah Westall’s interview with Senator Richard Black of Virginia and Harley Schlanger of the Schiller Institute. The Warsaw Pact and the Soviet Union ceased to exist in 1991 when Russia was desperate to promote freedom and westernize. Russia replaced its atheistic constitution with one rooted in Christianity. The USContinue reading “LURED TO THE PRECIPICE”


# 173 Cancer is abnormal cell growth that spreads throughout the body. Nefarious people have tricked the world into contracting a cancer-like disease through the Hegelian Dialectic Control Method. The 19th-century German philosopher Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel explained how an evil force could enslave humanity by entrapping us into a frenzied thought process that, likeContinue reading “LIKE CANCER GROWS”


#171 Most of the following information is from a video by Sorelle Amore. The Great Reset is the name of the 50th annual meeting of the World Economic Forum (WEF), held in June 2020. It brought together high-profile business and political leaders who discussed seizing upon the global crisis to rebuild society and the economyContinue reading “ARE YOU READY FOR 2030!?”


#170 Two days after Elon Musk made a deal to purchase Twitter, the Department of Homeland Security announced forming a “Disinformation Governance Board.” According to Department of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas, “The goal is to bring the resources of the department together to address the threat of disinformation.” Nina Jankowicz, who served as aContinue reading “DISINFORMATION CONFERENCE BOARD”


#169 The Federal Reserve has created one-fourth of our money supply in two months. Interest rates fall when the Fed increases the money supply— when it creates money to buy bonds from the federal government, banks, and corporations. Richard Cantillion was an Irish-born economist and merchant who lived in the late 17th and early 18thContinue reading “BLACKROCK”


#168 Significant fires and other curious events have destroyed dozens of food processing plants, warehouses, and a Walmart Distribution Center. There have been twelve such fires in just one month! Some of the fires occurred after President Joe Biden warned that the United States faces food shortages. Tucker Carlson has stated, “This is a lot of industrialContinue reading “FOOD and ENERGY SCARCITY?”


#167 Russia’s Sarmat, dubbed Satan 2 by the CIA, is an intercontinental hypersonic ballistic missile (ICBM). It has a minimum range of 3,100 miles. Sarmat is the latest addition to Russia’s nuclear arsenal. According to the United States Congressional Research Service, it can be deployed with ten or more warheads on each missile. “The Sarmat isContinue reading “SARMAT”