Post #15

President Biden has ordered mandatory Covid vaccines or tests for all federal employees and now requires all federal workers and visitors to wear masks whether they are vaccinated or not. All federal employees who are not vaccinated must submit themselves to testing twice a week. All federal contractors must have proof of vaccination. These directives are coming when an increasing number of vaccinated people are coming down with the covid virus. The Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) claims that vaccinated people can carry as high a viral load as the unvaccinated. Vaccinated people may be at risk of infections in the future because their natural immune system is compromised, necessitating the need for ever more vaccinations. To show that politics is more important than science in this age dystopia, under pressure from the drug companies and the federal government, the Food and Drug Administration is expected to abandon its guidelines for drug testing and may approve some covid vaccinations sometime in September of 2021.

Meanwhile, the American Medical Association (AMA) has proposed ending the designation of sex on birth certificates. The AMA now claims that “Our American Medical Association will advocate for the removal of sex as a legal designation on the public portion of the birth certificate.” The proposal reads, adding that information on a person’s sex designation at birth will still be submitted to the authority and only used for medical, public health, and statistical purposes. According to the AMA, recording a person’s sex can result in “confusion, possible discrimination, harassment and violence” against those whose chosen gender identity or self-expression differs from their assigned sex at birth. “Assigning sex using a binary variable and placing it on the public portion of the birth certificate perpetuates a view that it is immutable and fails to recognize the medical spectrum of gender identity,” the AMA’s LGBTQ Advisory Committee argued. “Imposing such a categorization system risks stifling self-expression and self-identification and contributes to marginalization and minoritization.”


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Post #14

There are massive demonstrations in the streets of Paris against vaccine passports. France’s President has ordered most everyone in France to be vaccinated and have an up to date vaccination passport in order to shop, eat at a restaurant and be present in all public places. The government will only approve passports for people who have been vaccinated, have a recent negative test, or who have recently recovered from the covid virus.

According to the New York Times, COVID-19 policies are responsible for as many jobs lost as in the 1930s Great Depression and the 2008 Great Recession combined. Government programs, isolation at home, and the internet make unemployment less visible. The collateral damage resulting from the draconian lock-downs far outweigh the benefits.

COVID Operation: What Happened, Why It Happened, and What’s Next is a book by Pamela Popper and Shane Prier. The book explains the COVID-19 hoax, the major players in the deception, and the events. It reveals how easily people can lose their dignity, personhood, and freedom without holding the government, world leaders, or the news media accountable. The culprits have waged war against humanity while disguising themselves as public servants, health professionals, and other do-gooders.


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Post #13

Inflation occurs when there is too much money chasing too few goods. Investopedia defines hyper inflation as “rapid, excessive, and out-of-control general price increases in an economy. While inflation is a measure of the pace of rising prices for goods and services, hyperinflation is rapidly rising inflation, typically measuring more than 50% per month.” So what can cause this type of inflation? The answer is on the top of every dollar bill which states FEDERAL RESERVE NOTE. A note is an IOU which we, the taxpayers, owe to the world’s central bankers. Every stimulus dollar of the Biden Administration is borrowed from the Federal Reserve.

President Woodrow Wilson and Congress gave up control over the money supply when it transferred authority from the government to the world private banking cabal with the Federal Reserve Act of 1913. Commercial banks can multiply money, but only central banks can create money. Before the banking system can multiply money, someone has to make a deposit. But the Federal Reserve does not need a deposit; it can create money by merely pushing a few keys on its computer to credit a client’s account by X amount. All currencies are debt instruments; they are floating abstractions that profit the world’s bankers. At the top of a dollar bill is printed “Federal Reserve Note.” A note is an IOU; it is an agreement to pay interest to the Federal Reserve. Dollars come into existence when the government sells bonds to the Federal Reserve. Therefore, we pay interest to the bankers. The Bureau of Engraving and Printing converts only a tiny fraction of this borrowed money into physical dollars.

A cartel of eight families owns the Federal Reserve and other central banks around the world. They are Goldman Sachs of New York, Rockefeller Brothers of New York, Rothschild Banks of London and Berlin, Lazard Brothers of Paris, Israel Moses Sieff Banks of Italy, Kuhn and Loeb and Company of Germany and New York, and the Warburg Bank of Hamburg and Amsterdam. The Federal Reserve is listed in the telephone book’s white pages, while the US Treasury is listed in the yellow pages. Fed employees’ email address ends in .org, not .gov.

The following is a quote from August 3, 2021. ARE WE IN FOR A LONG-TERM HYPERINFLATION? ECONOMIC DISASTER? by Home Depot co-founder Ken Langone.

During an interview with CNBC’s “Squawk Box,” Langone explained that policymakers are “going to take a white-hot fire and throw a five-gallon gas can on top of it.” “You’re going to have flames so high it’s going to be incredible,” Langone remarked. “I don’t believe this is transitory. I don’t believe this is temporary. The fact is… if this hyperinflation happens, it will be too late to recognize.”Maybe you’re going to need this $3.5 trillion thing,” said Langone in reference to the Democrats’ budget reconciliation plan, “but not now. Not now. Watch it. See what we’ve done, what we’ve put in place.” “What I’m saying right now is, please, please, Congress, be careful. You’re playing with fire. If you’re wrong, the little guy, the guy you say you want to help, is going to get punished severely, and that’s going to be too bad.”


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Post #12

Richard Cantillon was a French Irish economist in the 18th century who wrote about money. The Cantillon Effect recognizes that the people who own the most assets benefit first from low-interest rates, and indebted people benefit the least. Whereas the wealthy invest the money, the low interest encourages the poor to borrow. Persons who profit the most from money creation can access the cash at the beginning, such as the federal government, wealthy individuals, corporations, and big banks. The Cantillon Effect causes a redistribution of income from the middle class to the rich, enabling a class of cantillonairs. The ghouls of financialization have made us victims of low interest leading to economic vandalism, causing a fraud cycle. We have become workers on a multinational plantation living in a two-tier economy. America is one nation with two systems.


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Post #11

The Paris Agreement is a legally binding international treaty on climate change. It was adopted by 196 Parties at COP 21 in Paris, on 12 December 2015 and entered into force on 4 November 2016. Its goal is to limit global warming to well below 2, preferably to 1.5 degrees Celsius, compared to pre-industrial levels. To achieve this long-term temperature goal, countries aim to reach global peaking of greenhouse gas emissions as soon as possible to achieve a climate neutral world by mid-century

The following quote is from The World Economic Forum web site at

“The real economy is not a side event in the global decarbonization effort.

  • The real economy needs to be at the centre of climate action, with the harder-to-abate sectors key to avoiding the worst impacts of climate change.
  • That means creating net-zero initiatives at the industry sector-level which bring together the most climate-ambitious companies to draw up net-zero transition strategies.
  • Such sectoral initiatives and industry platforms offer a critical complement to the national approach pursued by the Paris Agreement, but are not a substitute.

One of the adages of the environmental movement used to be “think global, act local”. There’s a lot to be said for encouraging individuals and organizations to take action close to home. But when it comes to addressing the climate impact of carbon-intensive industries, fragmented local action alone just won’t cut it. We must operate across borders to create systemic change across entire industrial sectors.”

The following quote is from

“The dramatic drop in global carbon emissions seen during the early days of the pandemic and global shutdowns would need to be matched every two years for the rest of the decade in order to meet the goals outlined in the Paris climate agreement, according to a new study, though the authors don’t recommend that the world rely on “lockdowns” to help battle climate change.”

Crucial Quote

“We have failed to understand in the past that we can’t have tackling climate change as a side issue. It can’t be about one law or policy, it has to be put at the heart of all policy,” the study’s lead author, Corinne Le Quéré, told The Guardian. “Every strategy and every plan from every government must be consistent with tackling climate change.”

Are you prepared for another series of lock-downs that will seal the fate of the world economy?


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Post #10

Given that Covid vaccines are still considered an experimental drug by the Food and Drug Administration, people opposed to forced vaccinations believe that people must have the freedom to choose when there is a risk. When President Biden proposed that all postal workers be vaccinated, the postal union said no. While the union leadership continues to encourage postal workers to get vaccinated voluntarily, the administration has stated that it is not the federal government’s role to mandate vaccinations for its employees. The fact that provaxer authorities are inconsistent indicates that they are liars. Is it consistent with requiring vaccinations for Americans but not for illegal immigrants entering the country from Mexico?! Is it consistent for a government that has signed the Nuremberg Agreement of 1947 prohibiting medical experiments on human beings and yet force people to partake in an experimental vaccine not approved by the Food and Drug Administration?


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Post #9

French citizens must now adhere to a rigid Covid-19 vaccination schedule or pay for a nose-swab test at least every other day to have any semblance of a normal life, whatever that is in these crazy times we are living. Anyone over the age of 12 who access bars, restaurants, cinemas, gyms, swimming pools, museums, shopping centers must have proof of vaccination and a clean bill of health. Employees of these establishments must do the same to keep their jobs. Can you live an everyday life if you have had Covid and test negative for the virus? Nope, that does not count as if your natural immune system is dysfunctional and only the vaccine can protect you.
Meanwhile, the World Health Organization is now declaring that the Delta variant is spreading and is negating the gains from the previous two vaccinations, necessitating more rounds of vaccinations. WHO claims that too much social mixing and inconsistent use of public health measures have fueled the Delta variant. These insane over-the-top measures are causing so much social unrest and frustration. One hundred of the United Kingdom’s most popular retail chain stores have petitioned the government to pass legislation that will help stem the tide against the violence and abuse aimed at workers.
Things will only get worse in this dystopian nightmare where narrative management trumps reality.


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Post #8

“There is one thing in the world more wicked than the desire to command – and that is the will to obey,” WILLIAM KINGDOM CLIFFORD

Thousands of activists marched through major Australian cities, following an extension of Covid-19 restrictions. Multiple people were arrested and dozens charged with offenses after brawls broke out. Protesters chanted “Freedom” as they descended on downtown Sydney without wearing masks. They blocked traffic and walked through, a suburb. Slovakian riot police launched tear gas on demonstrators in the capital of Bratislava after some of those protesting against Covid restrictions managed to force their way into the parliament building. Demonstrators could be heard chanting “gestapo” while holding banners saying “stop corona fascism.” Meanwhile, lock downs have severely damaged children’s mental health, studies across the globe show.


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Post #7


So claims Klaus Schwab of the World Economic Forum. Taking advantage of the low interest rates artificially imposed by the Federal Reserve (a privately owned central bank) the worlds private equity firms are buying up neighborhoods at premium prices squeezing private owners out of the market. Owning a home will only be possible for the very wealthy and the middle class will become a class of renters. Rent is a form of debt … and the debtor will become slave to the lender.


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Post #6

When I Google OPERATION MOCKINGBIRD this is what I find:

WIKIPEDIAOperation Mockingbird is an alleged large-scale program of the United States Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) that began in the early years of the Cold War and attempted to manipulate news media for propaganda purposes.. According to author Deborah Davis, Operation Mockingbird recruited leading American journalists into a propaganda network and influenced the operations of front groups. Mockingbird was an alleged CIA project that recruited journalists to write fake stories promoting government ideas while dispelling communist ones. YouTube 1970s meeting of the Church Committee. “A Student Group Concedes It Took Funds from C.I.A.”. That was the front-page headline of the Feb. 14, 1967, edition of the New York Times. Mockingbird is a large-scale program of the United States Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) that began in the early 1950s. Its objective is to manipulate news media for propaganda purposes, typically to sway the public (1) in supporting a war agenda (2) in smear campaigns and (3) with disinformation.

Go to for a full explanation of Operation Mockingbird as it relates to the present day.


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