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From Ken’s book And They will Riot in the Streets – A Nation Deceived is a Nation Enslaved

Ethnocide is the deliberate destruction of national, ethnic, racial, or religious groups. In this time of history, Western civilization culture is being destroyed. Ethnocide is the reason for the destruction or removal from public view of historical statues. Statues that symbolize an ethnic culture should be banned, which some people construe as prejudice and racists. Because the white race has dominated others, symbols of the white race are considered evil. Multiculturalism is the separation of nation and state. Multiculturalism views a country not as a vehicle to advance and protect the interests or values of a specific group. Instead, it provides an economic exchange with no assumed national mission and no particular people for whom the country exists. Multiculturalism says that this space belongs to everyone and no one in particular.

The multicultural model departs from the traditional view of a nation-state whereby the state or government exists to serve its nation or people. For example, Sweden used to protect its people, language, culture, and traditions stemming from its Judeo/Christian roots. The state protected Swedish values and interests. But, lawmakers have since transformed Sweden from multi-ethnic to multicultural—favoring no particular people. Consequently, Sweden has committed ethnocide whereby there is no default or identity of what it means to be Swedish. The Swedish people do not exist whereby they can claim to be Swedish and separate from other people. Foreigners have just as much claim to Sweden as people who were born Swedish.

There is no wisdom in a people who fail to protect their culture, customs, and way of life. Why is there no wisdom? Because in secular societies, there is no God. Liberals, and Globalists, tend to believe that people are born good and, therefore, God need not play a role. Christians believe that people are not born good. People are not born evil, but human nature is not always good, and therefore since people are not inherently good, we need Biblical truth to show us the way. If people are not going to be accountable to God, they will put their faith in government. It is not the government that has made people good in America; Biblical teachings have made good people—wisdom begins with the fear of God. The secular world has brilliance and knowledge—but there is no wisdom. Spiritual strength is necessary to have moral strength—democratic and cultural values are not enough to save people from forces bent on destroying them. In a secular society, everything has to be watered down because of offenses—including the truth.

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  1. As I was ready this post, I’m thinking I really like this first paragraph and wow this 2nd paragraph clinches the idea/risk well of the multiculturalism dogma risk. Then I read the 3rd paragraph and said Bingo Ken nailed this one!

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