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The following information is from Sarah Westall’s interview with Senator Richard Black of Virginia and Harley Schlanger of the Schiller Institute.

The Warsaw Pact and the Soviet Union ceased to exist in 1991 when Russia was desperate to promote freedom and westernize. Russia replaced its atheistic constitution with one rooted in Christianity. The US could have welcomed Russia into the European community. Instead, the US decided to maintain the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO). NATO is a national security alliance among the U.S., Canada, and their European allies. It was formed in World War II to keep the peace and encourage political and economic cooperation on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean. For NATO to have a purpose, it needs an enemy, Russia. In 1991 there was a buffer of one thousand miles between the German border and Russia. This border was sufficient to give both sides time and space in any conflict. But NATO sought power by moving its boundaries east toward Russia to reach the border. Consequently, the west never came to grips with the monumental changes in Russia.

Viktor Fedorovych Yanukovych served as the fourth president of Ukraine from 2010 until the Maidan Revolution in 2014. In 2014 Ukraine had gotten aid offers from Russia and the EU. Yanukovych decided that the Russian proposal was the best one for Ukraine. Consequently, the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and the British MI6 instigated an uprising in Kyiv, resulting in the successful overthrow of the Ukrainian government in a violent revolutionary coup. At this point, the predominately Russian-speaking Donbas area in eastern Ukraine and Crimea in the south rebelled against the western-backed government in Kyiv. With the urging of the United States, NATO began pouring weapons and troops into Ukraine to help the neo-Nazis gain control of the nation by killing Russians. Ukraine is the only country in the world with a neo-Nazi military unit. The most infamous neo-Nazi group in Ukraine is the Azov Battalion, founded in 2014. The Azov battalion cut off the water supply to the Crimean Peninsula and started its campaign of bombing and sending 250,000 troops into the Donbas Region using American weaponry.

In December of 2021, Russia made one last desperate attempt to achieve peace with Putin’s detailed peace proposal to NATO. NATO was very dismissive because Germany and other European countries are vassals of the United States. Out of desperation and not being fully prepared, Putin decided he must invade to protect the Donbas people and denazify Ukraine. Russia did not want to go to war, but NATO forced his hand. In essence, we have a reverse 1962 Cuban Missle crisis. A war against Russia would weaken both Russia and China, open Russia’s vast resources to western exploitation, and help prop up the decline of the American dollar as the world’s standard currency. A war would also absolve guilty parties, give cover to a potential Democratic win in the next election, and further the aims of Klaus Swab and the Great Reset. The cabal may dismiss the possibility of a nuclear war in their belief that Putin will never go all out, and if so, this conflict will benefit the world bankers and the new world order.

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