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Cancer is abnormal cell growth that spreads throughout the body. Nefarious people have tricked the world into contracting a cancer-like disease through the Hegelian Dialectic Control Method. The 19th-century German philosopher Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel explained how an evil force could enslave humanity by entrapping us into a frenzied thought process that, like cancer, grows. This evil force instigates a problematic event, watches for society’s reaction, and forms a solution that eats away our freedom and prosperity. The issues are 9-11, global warming, Covid-19, and Ukraine. The West’s reaction to the war will cause worldwide food and energy inflation, shortages, social upheaval, the elimination of human rights, world depression, and possibly world war. See post 117, the Hegelian Dialectic.

Cancer has even reached the tennis world. The French and Australian Open barred Novak Djokovic from playing after refusing a Covid vaccination. Rafael Nadal and Andy Murray joined Djokovic in their condemnation of Wimbledon after the UK’s Lawn Tennis Association (LTA) refused to invite Russian or Belarusian players. Wimbledon’s decision immediately set it on a collision course with the Association of Tennis Professionals (ATP) and World Tennis Association (WTA) – both have allowed Russian and Belarusian players to compete. As the WTA has consistently stated, “Individual athletes should not be penalized or prevented from competing due to where they are from, or the decisions made by the governments of their countries. Discrimination, and the decision to focus such discrimination against athletes competing on their own as individuals, is neither fair nor justified.”

The sanctions against Russia act like cancer, eating away at the world’s prosperity. For example, Turkey is experiencing a 70 percent energy inflation because of its sanctions against Russian oil and gas. Slovakia and Hungary claim that embargoes against Russia will destroy the European economy. The consequences of the war will be like cancer pushing the world into depression. So who gains? Every day at 5 PM Eastern you can go to the Department of Defense website and view its daily million-dollar contracts. The same names appear regularly, such as Northrup Grumman, Raytheon, Boeing, and Lockheed Martin Corp. In 2020, before the war in Ukraine, Lockheed Martin received 75 billion dollars. With the war ending in Afghanistan in 2021, these companies needed a new source of revenue. The world bankers also gained because Ukraine borrowed money at interest rates as high as 11 percent to pay for weapons. 

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