Following is my response to an article that a subscriber sent me to evaluate.

Even though the author is anti-Russia, he does make some good points. I do believe that Russia feels threatened by the US and NATO, justifiably so. When he says that “The US and NATO have waged an economic war and are winning a media war and a proxy war,” The US may be winning the media war, but I believe the west will lose economically. The ultimate intent of the sanctions is to push Europe and the US into a stagflationary spiral. Most members of Congress are too naive and stupid to realize the consequence of their actions. The author is correct in saying that the conflict in Ukraine could lead to a nuclear war. Russia is decades ahead of the US militarily and has a more committed fighting force than the US and NATO.

The west, especially Europe, is committing economic suicide by participating in the sanctions against Russia. And for what?! I agree that “Putin is fighting for the survival of Russia and believes he alone is able to save her. In his mind, he is not the aggressor, but the defender of the motherland. He believes he is defending the true values of the Orthodox faith and social values.” Ukraine is blessed with abundant natural resources. This blessing has also been a curse because the nation has been raped for centuries by more powerful adversaries. This situation was especially true under Stalin and today under Biden and the west. The war material from the west transferred to Ukraine is not a gift. The latest ploy by America is to shackle Ukraine in a lend/lease program at high-interest rates in return for military support. 

The author is entirely off his rocker when he says, “In the last decade, the U.S. has invested close to $10 billion in Ukraine to promote democracy.” From late 2013 into early 2014, a conflict between the governments of the democratically elected President Viktor Yanukovich and the pro-Western opposition was unfolding in Kyiv, the capital of Ukraine. The series of events is called the “Euromaidan.” The western powers forced Yanukovich to flee to Russia, and the US-installed Zelenskyy to become President. But the situation and the threat to our freedom are much bigger than the war in Ukraine. The big picture is that a cabal attempts to destroy western civilization, Christianity, and knowledge of our history. This cabal is responsible for 9-11, the hype of global warming, Covid-19 and its policies, and the war in Ukraine. These events have minimized our traditions, Christian beliefs, and freedom and weakened the economy. The end game is the enslavement of our children to Satanic power. I talk about this in ARE YOU READY FOR 2030?!

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