Russia’s Sarmat, dubbed Satan 2 by the CIA, is an intercontinental hypersonic ballistic missile (ICBM). It has a minimum range of 3,100 miles. Sarmat is the latest addition to Russia’s nuclear arsenal. According to the United States Congressional Research Service, it can be deployed with ten or more warheads on each missile. “The Sarmat is the most powerful missile that has the highest range in the world, and it will significantly bolster the capability of the country’s strategic nuclear forces,” Russia’s Defense Ministry said in a statement. President Putin, who has threatened to use his nuclear arsenal since invading Ukraine, has stated that Sarmat should provide “food for thought, something to chew on” for the West. Russia has been upgrading its nuclear arsenal in the past decade, while the United States is still using 1980s technology. Putin has stated that “the new system has the highest tactical and technical characteristics and is capable of evading any modern missile defense system.

The Chinese navy has recently demonstrated a hypersonic anti-ship missile to warn the US not to take military action against Taiwan. A Chinese social media site, WEIBO, shows Russia launching a YJ-21 Hypersonic rocket from a type O55 battleship, China’s largest and most advanced destroyer. The missile is estimated to have a range of between 600 to 930 miles and can hit a carrier strike group with multiple warheads. Type 055 has 112 vertical launch missile cells with air-defense, anti-missile, anti-ship, and anti-submarine weapons. H I Sutton, a defense analyst, has dubbed the missile “an aircraft carrier killer and the most heavily armed surface combatants globally.” Zhou Chenning, a researcher from the Yuan Wang military science and technology think tank, has stated, “the unlimited military assistance that the US has supplied Ukraine and a congressional group tour to Taiwan indicates that the US may give the same support to Taiwan. The Chinese are concerned that the US will bait China to invade Taiwan, just as it baited Russia to invade Ukraine and supply Taiwan with unlimited military provisions. China will not let this happen without catastrophic consequences. 

Does the cabal of conspirators that control Washington want a war with Russia and China? Are they ready to tempt atomic missiles aimed at the US? This situation could get red hot soon if the US continues down the same path. Are Americans willing to support the warmongers of Wall Street and the international banks that control Washington DC? Russian foreign minister Sergey Lavrov has stated that the situation has deteriorated to the point where there is a real and serious threat of nuclear exchange. Senator Chris Coons of Delaware supports American troops in Ukraine. Senator Lindsey Graham has accused Putin of war crimes, has called for his assassination, proposes invoking a no-fly zone over Ukraine, and supports sending MiG-29s and air defense systems to the country. Moscow handed over a draft settlement agreement to Ukraine, but it still has not received a reaction from the West. It appears that only the US wants war. US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin wants Russia too weak to fight another war. The Ukrainian parliament has not removed the passage about the country’s ambition to join NATO from the constitution, a reason for Russia’s invasion.

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