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Are we headed to war? The West is in a proxy war against Russia. What is the policy end? Instead of reaching for a negotiated end to the conflict, Washington, London, and Brussels seem to be looking for ways to extend the contest. A negotiated settlement will be difficult to achieve since the West renigged on its agreement with Russia with the Minsk Agreements leading to the Ukrainian Revolution of Dignity. In February 2014, there was an illegal overthrow of the democratically elected government in Ukraine. In 2014, a ceasefire was implemented and signed by Russia, Ukraine, and the Organisation for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE). The agreement, known as the Minsk Protocol, set out a 12-point plan to prevent any further fighting between Ukraine and the Dunbas Region. The deal, Minsk-1, did not last long because Ukraine continued its war against Dunbas. Russia made a second attempt for peace on February 12, 2015, signing the Minsk-2 Agreement. Minsk 2 included removing weapons from borders and regions of Donbas and promised steps to give the Donbas region self-government. But Ukraine again continued to bomb Donbas, destroying parts of its cities and killing thousands of civilians. Ukraine also cut off the water supply to Crimea in the south. If the Biden Administration wanted peace in Ukraine, it would not have encouraged Zelenski to ignore the Minsk Agreements. When Ukraine became a sovereign nation in 1990, it was supposed to be nonaligned according to its charter.

Ukraine has no hope of winning this conflict. Yet, America and its NATO allies continue to arm Ukraine with war materials, with some people calling for America to take a more active part in the conflict. Poland has said it would be ‘open’ to having nuclear weapons stationed in the country and welcome a 50 percent increase in US troops stationed in Europe. American presence would undoubtedly open the door for an all-out war against Russia. The war in Ukraine is a proxy war between the US and Russia. The Rand Corporation conducted a study in 2019 which called for overextending and unbalancing Russia. The corporation laid out a program to destabilize Russia’s borders, creating chaos, essentially burning down Ukraine to the ground to bring about a regime change in Moscow. Ukraine has a history of being a pawn to outside forces because of its vast natural resources. America wishes to destroy the Russian Federation and allow the dismemberment of Russia into regions, making it possible to extract Russia’s vast resources. America will do just about anything to maintain its world hegemony.

A break in the wall of censorship has occurred because of Elon Musk’s offer to buy Twitter for a 43 billion dollar cash offer. He wishes to turn the platform into a vehicle of free speech by turning it into a private company. Another game-changer is Russia’s announcement that it will put the ruble on a gold standard. Russia’s central bank pegged 1 gram of gold at 5,000 rubles. Thirty-two grams of gold would cost roughly $1,600 in Russia at the current exchange rate. The gold ruble will have more effect on the western oligarchs than an atomic bomb. The Fed does not print money. It simply credits accounts of customers by pushing keys on its computer. A system built on fiat money, money that has no backing, cannot compete with an honest money system, one backed by gold. With the US debasing the dollar and weaponizing the dollar against non-followers, the world will move toward the Russian ruble and away from the US dollar. This movement away from the dollar will lead to a complete economic collapse for the western world as its value will sink.

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