Two aspects of the modern world support the American empire. First, the neoliberal economic policies have created a global casino economy where the upper one percent controls the house, and everyone else is the subject of predatory looting. Second, the empire utilizes a geopolitical operation, attacking any nation that does not submit. As the empire disintegrates, opposing forces have diminished our freedom and divided the country. Regime change, trade, and currency wars have weakened the nation, and the excessive debt contributes to a weak economy and a shrinking middle class. Empires in decay embrace an almost willful suicide, blinded by their hubris and unable to face the reality of their diminishing power. The United States has retreated into a fantasy world where unpleasant facts do not penetrate, and its leaders have been naive of the actual consequences of their actions. Empires thrive on the mystique made possible by past accomplishments; the mystique masks the plunder and exploitation of the kingdom—America is losing its mystique.

The empire’s expansion beyond its ability to sustain it makes the system vulnerable, especially during a depression. When an empire puts undue resources into building and maintaining the realm, when it spends more on the military and less on its citizens, the empire disintegrates. When an empire’s overextension leads to decline, things unravel quickly with worsening economic conditions. The decrease in law and order, the increase in unemployment, the collapse of the social welfare system, and people’s inability to cope will lead to riots in the streets. When wealthy people engage themselves with inventions and innovations, building businesses, hiring workers, and growing the economy, that kind of system is an industrial capitalistic economy. But this is not what we have today. Instead, we have a capitalistic finance economy—where the goal is to make money from money. The system secures cash through real estate, stocks, and bonds and does not build a prosperous economy. When money is made by buying businesses to slice and dice to the highest bidder, capitalism does not work for the greater good instead of investing in research and development.

There is a front financial running and a political front running. The insiders know what the Federal Reserve and the government will do ahead of time, so they front-run to take advantage of the situation, and their wealth increases. Warren Buffet’s billionaire has been privy to information, enabling him to make a fortune by front running the stock market. The question for Americans is, “do we want an oligarchy, or do we want a democratic republic?” Nine-Eleven, the perceived threat of global warming, Covid-19, and the war in Ukraine enforced people’s willingness to obey government mandates have led to unchecked government power and the suspension of our liberties. V for Vendetta is a movie where a group uses a virus to enslave the population and establishes a totalitarian society. The film demonstrates, “People shouldn’t be afraid of their government. Governments should be afraid of their people.”

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