Germany has limited its energy source by refusing to use the Russian gas in the Nord Stream 2 Pipeline. Prime Minister Boris Johnson has urged Chancellor Olaf Scholz to impose further sanctions on Moscow. The German Defense minister has called for a complete embargo on Russian gas. Forty percent of the European Union’s gas and twenty-five percent of its oil come from Russia. Russia’s efforts to halt fertilizer exports by domestic producers threaten to shock the global market and push prices of crop nutrients to new records, exacerbating food inflation around the world. Europe is on the verge of experiencing hyperinflation and major disruptions as factories close due to supply disruptions and farmers cannot afford to plant seeds as before. Russia has restricted the export of food and agricultural products to only countries with friendly relations with Moscow and primarily in exchange for Russian rubles. Because Russia is the world’s largest exporter of wheat, fertilizer ingredients, and gas, it has interrupted global trade by weaponizing its exports. This splintering of the world order was purposely brought about by NATO baiting Russia to invade Ukraine while ignoring the Minsk Agreements 1 and 2. It’s like the devil has put on a government mask, and he has given us instructions that will lead to our destruction if we follow them. Most people do not see the deception because they only look at the mask. By way of this deception, the ruling class has seized control of constitutional governments, and their policies are chipping away at our freedom and prosperity.

At least 30 countries have inflicted hardship on themselves and borrowed from the future. For example, President Biden is taking a million barrels of oil a day from the country’s strategic oil reserves while refusing to free up millions of acres of farmland under government control. He has opened our southern border and refuses to complete the Keystone Pipeline. Russia’s invasion of Ukraine did not cause shortages and higher prices, our reaction to the attack is the cause. The Financial Times of London has reported that the sanctions will end the dominance of the US dollar as the world’s standard currency marking the end of America’s dominance over world affairs. 2022 will be a year of disruptions and shortages and the beginning of a new monetary system. The western world is walking into the abyss with eyes wide open as we witness our creative destruction and the birth of the Fourth Industrial Revolution

President Biden has issued an executive order giving a directive to the Federal Reserve and the Treasury to speed up the implementation of a US digital dollar. Let’s suppose that the US announces the end of Federal Reserve Notes and declares paper money illegal after a specific date. We will have to submit our paper money to banks, and the bank will credit our account, making all our money digital. After a specific date, we will not be allowed to turn in our cash, making paper money worthless. In Biden’s last budget, he proposed a 50% increase in IRS funding which will enable it to track our transactions. Now let’s suppose that other governments do the same. Gold, silver, and cryptocurrencies will also be banned. On April 5, 1933, President Roosevelt signed Executive Order 6102 which obligated citizens to turn in most of their gold to the Federal Reserve. We will have a new digital currency with its accounting system under a new world order and a new world constitution. If we do or say anything contrary to government policy, we will not be able to buy or sell. Our reactions to 9-11, global warming, Covid-19, and Russia’s invasion of Ukraine are all a part of the Hegelian Dialectic Control Method aimed at ushering in the new world order. 

Doctor Pippa Malmgren gives a speech at the World Government Summit about new digital currency

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