There are five reasons Russia invaded Ukraine. The first reason is Russia’s attempt to avoid a world war that could turn nuclear because of the eastward expansion of NATO and the neocons in Washington. Russia cannot tolerate nuclear weapons close to its border, especially since the neocons are pro-war. A second reason was to aid the Dunbass regions of Luhansk and Donetsk in their struggle against Ukraine’s repression, even to criminalizing the Russian language. The Donbas share the same customs, watch the same television programs, and speak Russian. Poroshenko committed war crimes in the region, and Ukraine’s war against the Donbas continues today. A third reason is Russia’s attempt to enforce the Minsk agreements. Ukraine and the Russian-backed separatists agreed to a 12-point ceasefire deal in 2014 and 2015. Its provisions included prisoner exchanges, humanitarian aid deliveries, and heavy weapons withdrawal. The leaders of France, Germany, Russia, and Ukraine gathered there at the same time and issued a declaration of support for the deal. Ukraine has ignored the agreements. A fourth reason is a water shortage in Crimea. Ukraine cut off the fresh water supply to Crimea by damming a canal that had supplied 85% of the peninsula’s needs before Moscow annexed Crimea in 2014. And, of course, a fifth reason is to restore Ukraine to a neutral country as it was before the 2014 coup by western powers. 

Neoconservatives always need new dragons to slay, some sovereign who does not support them, or a leader to dethrone to be replaced by their puppet. Neoconservatives view America as an empire and define the United States as an “indispensable and exceptional” country while convincing others to follow their lead. The neocons practice hegemony by dominating the policies of Washington, DC, and seek power and wealth by deception, unfair trade, gunboat diplomacy, and regime change wars, both domestically and internationally. When a president does not cooperate, they seek a change in administration because ideology holds sway over authority. Empires typically wield their hegemony by imposing order on the vanquished; neocons, however, seek hegemony by disorder, which never ends. In the Middle East and South America, we have had chaos and confusion brought on by America’s regime-change wars. One need not look for a strategy here because geopolitics does not drive events—madness and schizophrenia cause events!

Here is how the neocons play the game. First, they fabricate a reason to accuse a country of some wrongful act, such as enticing Russia to invade Ukraine by replacing the democratically elected president with a puppet and then arming Ukraine with nuclear weapons. Second, they justify a regime change war, build military bases, impose sanctions, confiscate the county’s resources, and employ terrorists to support their cause. For example, former Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard introduced the Stop Arming Terrorist Act in 2016, prohibiting the US government from funding and supplying weapons to AlQaeda, ISIL, and other terrorist groups. According to the National Priorities Project, the United States’ cost to fund these terrorist groups is north of two trillion dollars. Gabbard claims a covert strategy is at work to keep the public in the dark concerning regime change wars by coup d’état, such as what has occurred in Ukraine. Third, they encourage the host country to buy military equipment and invest in expensive infrastructure projects on credit that they know will fail. Once the government cannot pay its debts, the neocons demand reparations that allow them to control the country. 

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Published by Kenneth E. Long

Author, college professor of economics, swimming and tennis enthusiast

3 thoughts on “THE FOG OF WAR

  1. I see a lot of reasons for Russia not to get along with Ukraine and dislike and distrust between them. I do not see a reason that can be remotely justified for Russia to invade Ukraine, kill people and take territories like they are doing. I have little sympathy for Putin based on these invasion methods and deaths. We have many reasons not to get along with Mexico, drugs, invasions, cartels, sex-trafficing, many political issues, but we would not be justified in invading Mexico and taking territory. There are a lot of complex issues weaved into this blog, and I can certainly find agreement with many and not with others. Thus the Fog, but at the heart, the invasion reasons is what I want to draw attention to.

  2. One other comment on reasons “Russia invaded Ukraine”, Putin has been chomping at the bit to regain the Ukraine territory for years. He recently gave a near 2 hour speech discussing his plans and remorse over the reduction of the USSR. So seeing a very weak USA’s military behavior with the Afghanistan withdrawal, he saw his window was now with weak USA leadership, so he took his shot. Isn’t this really the biggest reason?

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