Jeff Farrenkopf asked concerning blog #147 BLOWBACK: So can Nationalists request and expect their government not to use their money to purchase the goods of a warring nation? That would be the intent of sanctions. Cause immediate pain on the warring party and not long-term pain to change the behavior back to a decent country. Sanctions seem like a good concept? Is the problem we do not execute them well? Following is my answer.

If I wanted to destroy freedom, this is what I would do. I would follow the Devil’s playbook and deceive people into believing a lie. Their actions to protect themselves from the perceived threat will ultimately lead to their enslavement. But one lie is not enough, but five deceptions may do the trick. First, I would instigate a red herring event to convince people of a false threat. Once I instill fear and panic in their hearts, I will offer them a solution. The solution will make them believe that they are protecting themselves. Economists call the manufactured events “red herrings,” and the solutions “black swan events.” Nine-eleven, the threat of global warming, COVID-19, and the war in Ukraine are manufactured black swan events. The red herrings are the war on terror, strict environmental policies, lockdowns/passports, and war. The Twin Towers attack ushered in the war on terror; global warming threatens our free enterprise system, COVID-19 ushered in the fight against freedom, and the conflict in Ukraine will lead to crippling worldwide sanctions that will plunge the world into darkness. BlackRock CEO Larry Fink, whose firm oversees investments equivalent to about half of US GDP, has predicted that efforts to punish Russia over its invasion of Ukraine would lead to the unraveling of globalism. Sanctions act like a boomerang. They will hurt western countries more than they will hurt Russia. The war in Ukraine has led to a global crisis stemming from disruptions in supply chains and rising energy prices. Look for the fifth wave of destruction coming soon, a worldwide computer virus that will pound the last nail into the coffin of free and open markets. 

The Ukraine conflict was entirely preventable, but the neocons in Washington want war. Moscow has repeatedly asked NATO to provide comprehensive written guarantees that it would not expand to the east, thereby manufacturing a reverse Cuban Missile Crises. Over the past eight years, experts have issued warnings about NATO expansion east. In 1998, George Kennan, an American diplomat and historian known as the ‘architect of the Cold War,’ said NATO expansion would mean nothing less than “the beginning of a new Cold War,” warning that it would be a “tragic mistake.” In 1997, 50 prominent foreign policy experts sent an open letter to then-President Bill Clinton outlining their opposition to NATO expansion. “It is a policy error of historic proportions,” they wrote. In his 1999 book ‘A Republic, Not an Empire,’ Pat Buchanan wrote, “By moving NATO onto Russia’s front porch, we have scheduled a twenty-first-century confrontation.” The current director of the CIA, William Burns, said in 2008 that for Russia, “Ukraine’s accession to NATO is the brightest of all red lines.” In 2014, the West overthrew the democratically elected government in Ukraine and replaced it with a pro-western government, banned all opposing political parties, waged war against the Dunbar Region, started arming the country with weapons, and cut off the water supply to Crimea.

As the conflict in Ukraine continues, so does the information war. The mainline news is pro-war and is opposed to opinions contrary to the official narrative. The liberal west appears determined to deny any meaningful debate – freedom of expression is now something from the past, with an “information iron curtain.” The problem is that most people do not know the history of Ukraine since 2014, and they are unaware that we have a rogue government in Washington that does not support America’s best interests. Where have we landed when all disagreement with the official narrative is verboten. What has happened to free and open markets, a free press, and the freedom of speech?! When US senators accuse Tucker Carlson and Tulsi Gabbard of treason for speaking out against the official narrative, how far have we come?

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  1. Well, I can’t say this answered my question clearly but it certainly opens up several cans of worms that I will not address here. This may require several beers to sort out….

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