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Truckers Band Together to Protest Vaccine Mandates by Angela Rodriguez

A new page in Canadian history was written when truckers from all over Canada and the United States converged in Ottawa Canada on January 29, 2022, to protest vaccine mandates. The trucker’s goal is to stand against a federal mandate implemented January 15, 2022, which states that “unvaccinated Canadian truck drivers entering Canada will need to meet Covid quarantine requirements.” The United States implemented a ban on unvaccinated foreign truck drivers soon after on January 22. The Department of Homeland Security now requires that non-U.S. individuals entering the United States via land ports of entry or ferry terminals along the Northern and Southern borders be fully vaccinated against Covid-19. These truckers are determined to stand in the gap for anyone who has been coerced or forced to get vaccinated. Currently, between 16-20% of Canadian truckers are not vaccinated, but the convoy included both vaccinated and unvaccinated truck drivers who formed a unified position against mandates. So the demonstration is not for or against vaccinations, but the demonstration is against forced vaccinations.

The truckers made their expectations clear before the protest by posting a press release that lists four basic demands which are: (1) The federal and provincial governments terminate the vaccine passports and all other obligatory vaccine contract tracing programs, or inter-Canada passport systems. (2) Terminate Covid vaccine mandates and respect the rights of those who wish to remain unvaccinated. (3) Cease the divisive rhetoric attacking Canadians who disagree with government mandates. (4) Cease to limit debate through coercive measures with the goal of censoring those who have varying or “incorrect opinions. The truckers and participants in the Truckers Convoy aren’t just spinning their wheels to win back the freedoms that should have never been taken in the first place. Their plight is connected to all Canadians and Americans who want to live without being forced and coerced into medical treatment. Their defiance is a giant step towards shattering the other mandates still in place.

Nevertheless, the government of Quebec instituted measures that ban all unvaccinated individuals over 12 years old from big box stores such as Walmart and Costco. Their only reprieve is to be followed around by a designated store employee who will supervise their purchases, making sure they only buy essential items such as food and medicine. The unvaccinated are not able to access performance venues, stadiums, auditoriums, movie theaters, festivals, amusement parks, zoos, bars, restaurants, and even places of worship. The government announced in early January that it’s considering fining unvaccinated residents because it would be a way for them to contribute to the overburdened health care system. But the protest is making a difference. Four Canadian provinces have moved to lift their COVID-19 restrictions as a massive protest by truckers continued blockades in Ottawa, paralyzing the capital city. Quebec, Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Prince Edward Island provinces have all announced plans to eliminate or roll back some or all measures.

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  1. Thank you for clearly presenting the issues. Those in these government positions creating these laws and mandates should be locked away one day when this tyrannical nightmare ends.

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