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TAMARA LICH (Freedom Convoy Organizer) FULL SPEECH

We are here out of love for our families, communities, and nation. These past two years, the COVID mandates have divided us. This protest began because of the federal government’s restrictions on trucker freedoms. Our movement has grown in Canada and worldwide because ordinary people are tired of government policies that have caused more harm than good. Sweden, Denmark, the UK, Norway, Finland, Ireland, and Switzerland have removed all COVID mandates and restrictions.

Therefore, we are calling on all levels of government to end COVID restrictions. We will continue our protest until we see a clear plan for their elimination. Hopefully, these words will turn into long-lasting action. So far, no one from the government has spoken directly with us. Instead, they use the media to portray us as racists, misogynists, and even terrorists.

As a mother and a grandmother, I am offended. The reality is we are average peaceful, loving, and law-abiding citizens from all walks of life. We do not like being disrespected and bullied by our government. Let me assure the people of Ottawa that we have no intent to stay one day longer than necessary. Justin Trudeau and other members of government must end all mandates and restrictions on our freedoms. We thank the thousands of people who have generously donated to this protest via GoFundMe over the last three days.

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