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The following is from a booklet George Washington’s Vision and Prophecy for America by John Grady

Many persons gave aid and comfort to the English, while less than three percent took part in American independence. Apathy, self-interest, uncertainty, and fear prevailed among the population. Once Congress ratified the Declaration of Independence and war commenced, most people believed that it was foolhardy to wage war against the most powerful army in the world. George Washington had a deep devotion to God through Christ. When the Continental Congress did not send funds, Washington used his own money when his troops were cold and hungry at Valley Forge in 1777. His Christian faith and prayerful life sustained him.

George Washington once had an experience with one of God’s angels who told him that three great perils would come upon the Republic. The most fearful is the third, but the whole world united shall not prevail against America in this most significant conflict. George Washington’s vision has been published from time to time and recorded in the Library of Congress. We are now rushing through the third and greatest peril of Washington’s revelation. The signs of its fulfillment are readily evident to all persons who are not blinded by apathy, overindulgence, or self-delusion. In Washington’s vision, he saw cities on fire. He foresaw anarchy across the land and revolution with millions of people perishing. But when all seemed lost, Washington envisioned God’s intervention.

In Washington’s own words, the people of this nation will witness a period of great trial and tribulation. There will be an economic collapse, then a disintegration of domestic order, followed by anarchy and foreign invasion. There will be an armed conflict with terrible death and destruction. But he believed that America was the promised land built on the rock of Christianity. But we have permitted corruption, perversion, immorality, greed, personal pleasure, and materialism to become our way of life. We have allowed alien, anti-Christians to gain control of our country. We have permitted traitors to hold the highest positions of authority within our nation and killed our unborn babies. Because of this, America will receive a chastisement of immeasurable ferocity. But despite these setbacks, God’s purpose for America will not be denied. BLOG ARCHIVES


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