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I walked into a barbershop, and there were no customers, but the barber told me I had to make an appointment because that is the rule. Then I went to a Chinese restaurant and ordered pepper chicken. The owner informed me that he does not sell pepper chicken anymore because of the virus but he does offer other chicken dishes. The owner felt he was doing his part in stemming the virus by not offering pepper chicken! When I went to the grocery store to stock up on tissue, I was told I could buy only one box. I then watched a video where thousands of people were allowed to riot unmasked and yet the city disallowed children to play in the park. I then read about a lady who fainted while driving, hit a tree, and killed herself. She had passed out because a mask deprived her of oxygen.

Congress is committing economic suicide by placing its morality above commerce. Even though nuclear power is critical, Congress voted to eliminate this form of energy to save the planet. William Scott Ritter Jr. was a United Nations weapons inspector who claims that America may never recover from its lack of nuclear expertise. California has taken the moral high ground by banning gas-powered cars by 2035 in favor of electric vehicles. But California’s strict climate policies are already causing electricity blackouts in the state. Also, the push for electric vehicles makes California more dependent on China for essential components for electric motors, including cobalt. Even though Europe has an energy shortage, it has refused to sanction the Keystone Pipeline for political reasons. The pipeline flows from Russia to Europe and is full of natural gas!

The European Union is also committing economic suicide by placing its morality above common sense economics. For example, Dutch farmers put on a massive demonstration to protest stringent carbon and nitrogen emissions regulations that the government imposed on them. Even though Dutch farmers are known for their environmental conscientiousness, quality, and efficiency, Holland buckled under pressure from the EU to meet the new emission standards. Globalists in France have taken the moral high ground by shipping manufacturing jobs to third-world countries leaving rural areas destitute. Workers have to commute to the cities to find employment, but they cannot live there because apartments are too expensive. Workers cannot work where they live, nor can they live where they work! Then, in the name of morality, the French government imposed a fuel tax on commuters to reduce carbon emissions! BLOG ARCHIVES


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      I have been getting several positive responses to my blog. My response to them is below, just for your interest.

      Thanks for responding to my blog. I typically spend a couple of hours putting together a blog post. So it does my heart good to know that you are reading them, you give me encouragement! We are living in extreme times and need a platform to express ourselves. I am looking for testimonials of people who have been adversely affected by the Covid policies.

      Take good care and I hope to hear from you again,

  1. So is the human race devolving in regards to intelligence? The above would seem to indicate so.

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