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God designed our bodies with a natural immune system. Once we contact a germ or a virus, the body builds up an immunity to that virus. Most of the time, we are unaware of this process, but sometimes this virus overcomes our immune system. But if we survive the sickness, our natural immune system builds up antibodies that protect us from the illness into the future. The Mayo Clinic defines herd immunity this way. “Herd immunity occurs when a large portion of a community (the herd) becomes immune to a disease, making the spread of disease from person to person unlikely. As a result, the whole community becomes protected — not just those who are immune.” Following is an explanation of mRNA as taken from the Moderna website. “mRNA medicines are sets of instructions. And these instructions direct cells in the body to make proteins to prevent or fight disease …mRNA is a single-stranded molecule that carries genetic code from DNA in a cell’s nucleus to ribosomes, the cell’s protein-making machinery.” In other words, this specific mRNA replaces your body’s natural defense system. A difference is that our body’s immune system can adapt to new threats naturally by building up immunity, whereas mRNAs are client-specific. Once people become dependant on mRNAs, their dependency requires new mRNAs to fight each new strain or new virus. 

A newly identified, heavily-mutated coronavirus strain dubbed ‘Omicron’ is triggering alarm across much of the globe, prompting a rash of travel restrictions amid fears that existing vaccines will be unable to stop the variant. While science knows little about Omicron, the WHO’s chief scientist, Soumya Swaminathan, noted that it carried “a number of worrying mutations” that could make the strain more infectious than any observed before. A large number of mutations have also prompted fears that Omicron could be resistant to existing vaccines, especially since immunizations lose effectiveness over time against other known variants. The World Health Organisation (WHO) chief, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, has warned vaccinated people to remain cautious when it comes to catching Covid-19 and not fall into a “false sense of security.” 

I once had a dream that took place on a train leaving an isolated village. There was a young passenger and an older gentleman engaged in a conversation. The young passenger was leaving his town to a destination unknown. The gentleman could see that the passenger was hungry and offered him a sandwich. Even though the passenger was hungry, he stated that he could not eat the sandwich because a scientist had developed an artificial food that all the people in his village partook. The problem was that once you ate this synthetic food, your body would not accept real food.


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