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Following is a quote from Ken’s book AND THEY WILL RIOT IN THE STREETS – A Nation Deceived is a Nation Enslaved second edition to be published soon.

The puppet masters change cultures to fit their narrative by proposing a solution to a self-imposed problem. They instigate an event, watch for society’s reaction, and formulate a solution (problem, response, resolution) that ushers in a foreordained consequence. Is the War on Terror, Covid-19, and Global Warming a self-imposed problem? Was the attack on the Twin Towers an inside job? Is Covid-19 a plan to erode freedom? Is global warming a plan to weaken the world’s economic system? Are these events red herring events? A red herring event leads people to predetermined conclusions by constructing a false narrative. There is much evidence that these three threats are false narratives. Red herring events mislead people as a consequence of a black swan event. Nine-eleven, the threat of global warming, and COVID-19 are black swan events. The red herrings are the war on terror, strict environmental policies, and lockdowns. The Twin Towers attack ushered in the war on terror; the threat of global warming threatens our free enterprise system, and COVID-19 ushered in the fight against freedom. COVID-19 is the problem, the reaction is panic, and the consequence is the concentration of power.

People consider low probability but high impact occurrences as black swan events. The black swan events of 911, the threat of global warming, and COVID-19 coupled with the Hegelian Dialectic method of control advance a pre-determined agenda, such as revolutions, wars, lockdowns, vaccinations, and a one-world order. Is it possible that the puppet masters engineered these three events to minimize the world’s population, eradicate private property, and usher in a new social and economic system?

The 19th-century German philosopher Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel explained how an evil force could enslave humanity by entrapping us into a frenzied thought process leading to our destruction. By controlling the mainline news, social media, politics, and education, this diabolical force has convinced societies to defend themselves against a false or at least an exaggerated threat. It has caused a pandemic of compliance, complacency, and the unwillingness to engage with the evidence.


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