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I have a dog named Sophie. I remember the day Kay and I picked her up at a dog rescue center when she was about five months old. The first time I saw her, she was several yards away. As soon as she noticed us, she came running as fast as she could. It was like she was saying, “You have come for me at last, I have been waiting for you!!” She is a half border collie and half labrador. She is what they call a “boradore.” She is all black and sheds terribly. I have to Swiffer and vacuum most days because she sheds so much. Our daughter’s name is Stephanie, so we sometimes call Stephanie Sophie and Sophie Stephanie.

That was several years ago, and since then, she has been the perfect dog. I never use a leash because she stays close wherever I go. We live in a heavily wooded closed community on a dead-end street, so she is free to roam, but she never goes very far. Sometimes she goes next door to visit Keith and Sharon’s dogs. And oh, and she loves coffee!! She will choose coffee over food! I have never taught her tricks or trained her. I talk to her like she was a human, and she understands everything I say.

Although she lives a good life and gets a lot of love and attention, she is still a dog, and I am the master. Being the master, she is dependant on my benevolence. I have the power to make her life miserable. In 1776, Americans fought a war because England acted as the master and Americans were the servants. In a free society, we have laws and restrictions, but it is a give-and-take situation. Something is lost, but something is gained by obeying the rules. When authorities give us a choice to be vaccinated or lose our jobs, we no longer have a give-and-take situation, we have a master and slave relationship. Freedom is not free. Each generation has to fight, or it will vanish!


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