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The following is an excerpt from Ken’s second edition of AND THEY WILL RIOT IN THE STREETS, A Nation Deceived is a Nation Enslaved. To be published soon.

The term Black Swan originates from the belief that there are only white swans, and that opinion changed after a Dutch explorer discovered black swans in Australia. People consider low probability but high impact occurrences as black swan events. The black swan events of 911, the threat of global warming, and COVID-19 coupled with the Hegelian Dialectic method of control advance a pre-determined agenda, such as revolutions, wars, lockdowns, vaccinations, and a one-world order.

The 19th-century German philosopher Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel explained how an evil force could enslave humanity by entrapping us into a frenzied thought process leading to our destruction. By controlling the mainline news, social media, politics, and education, this diabolical force has convinced societies to defend themselves against a false or at least an exaggerated threat. It has caused a pandemic of compliance, complacency, and the unwillingness to engage with the evidence.

The rulers of the universe have compromised the democratic process and have engaged us in a moral war. It is a war of infiltration rather than invasion, intimidation instead of free choice. The psychological forces we face are so insidious that people are willing to give up their rights as citizens in a free democratic republic. We are in a war about the role of government in our lives. A pandemic of compliance threatens our freedom. Evil will triumph if enough people conform without thinking for themselves. When the government issues orders that society obligingly follows and authorities silence dissenters, we no long live in a free society. Democracy requires freedom of expression and inquiry.


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