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Environmentalists have gone from proposals to implementing their plan for zero carbon emissions. Environmentalists laid out their plans at the UN Climate Change Conference (COP26) in Glasgow, Scotland, in November of 2021. Most of the attendees were sincere in their concern with world pollution and the necessity of saving the planet for future generations. Their goal is to accelerate the action towards the purposes of the Paris Agreement and the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change. The ultimate goal is population control, the elimination of free markets, and the concentration of power.

Boris Johnson, the prime minister of the United Kingdom, claimed that governments could mobilize billions of dollars to fight climate change, but the private sector can mobilize trillions. They plan to deploy 130 trillion dollars to build the global green economy of the future. He was saying that banks and financial institutions have agreed to make financial decisions based on the agenda of COP26. Investment firms, such as Blackrock, will only fund companies aligned with the green economy. For example, although coal energy can be filtered and therefore need not threaten a clean environment, the banks can agree not to lend money to petroleum companies. A company that manufactures gasoline-powered lawnmowers will not be able to get a loan. Thus businesses with investments in oil, coal, and other carbon-based products can be bled dry. The international bankers are allying themselves with the green communists to reorder the global system.

Blackrock is the world’s largest private equity fund with more than five trillion dollars under its management. Blackrock, the federal reserve, and the US government are like three points on a triangle. Money flows from one entity to the other in a coordinated way. If these three institutions decide not to support carbon-producing companies, funding for companies that use fossil fuels can dry up. Likewise, banks will deny funds to business owners who fail to support the official narrative. Banks will sanction companies by putting their name on a hit list. These restrictions do not need the democratic process to take effect.


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