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A few years ago, parents were shocked when their son or daughter announced that they were gay or transgender—now, some young people want to exist as data. BBC and HBO jointly produce a mini-series called “Years and Years.” At one point, the daughter explains that she is a transhumanist, and she wants to exist as data. Transhumanism is a cultural and intellectual movement that believes we can, and should, improve the human condition through the use of advanced technologies. An example of transhumanism is the Borg in the series Star Trek. The Borg are organisms with cybernetic components linked in a hive-mind called “the Collective.”

Facebook is developing a system in which you will be able to type out words and messages using only your brain. You will have to wear a device, but a computer chip implanted into your brain will allow you to interact with machines and other people mentally. Alvin Toffler predicted a future society in his 1970 book Future Shock, whereby people cannot adjust to the quickening pace of society due to technological change.

The Vatican has held a series of transhumanism conferences where globalists have met in the Vatican City to discuss the best path forward with humanity and technology in harmony. The keynote speakers of a recent meeting were Carlos Moreira and David Fergusson, who co-authored a book titled The Transhuman Code: How to Program Your Future. Another speaker was Fr. Philip Larrey, who authored a book titled Artificial Humanity: An Essay on the Philosophy of Artificial Intelligence. The conference’s theme was a look into the transhuman future where humanity can thrive—balancing humans and machines. The Christian Transhumanist Association has meetings each year in Nashville, Tennessee, at Lipscomb University. The world is rushing into a new existence, a new consciousness.


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