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For almost 40 years, Dr. Anthony Fauci has been the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases director and is now the lead expert in Covid-19. A problem with this is that “science” and “authority ” are incompatible. Science is an evolving human experience with shifting viewpoints. On the other hand, authorities often slide down the slope of shifting views, which explains the many contradictory remarks over the years. Science and authority are incompatible. Anyone who presents himself as a scientific authority but has a personal agenda will bend the facts to suit his agenda. Fauci’s policies benefit the global predators and the powerful drug companies, where they distort the truth to further their game plan. We are in unrestricted warfare.

Are the vaccines lethal? No, they are not deadly. Although a few casualties help further the cause. Why is this? Because the purpose of forced vaccinations is to foment division and strife. On the one hand, we have people supporting the mandated vaccinations, and on the other hand, we have people defying the mandates. Thus, we have a large part of the military, doctors, nurses, Southwest Airlines employees, and others willing to give up their jobs in protest against forced vaccinations. Consequently, we are experiencing unemployment, inflation, and shortages. The plan is to incite riots in the streets.

This conflict and economic turmoil fit the plan. The end game of the global predators is to destroy freedom, personal property, the free enterprise system, true democracy, the free press, and Christianity. Because Christians cannot serve God and mammon at the same time, they are a threat. A global government will replace national states with the elites in charge. There will be a facade of freedom and prosperity, but the reality will be bondage as we become increasingly dependent on the state. Many people will still believe they are free because this is what they want to think. They will succumb to the propaganda as long as they have the perception of freedom. Do you know anyone willing to trade freedom for safety and still believe they live in a free country?


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  1. I also believe the safety of the vaccine is very questionable both because of its methodology and rapid time frame in which it was developed. In any event I continue to believe it is indeed a very real part of the agenda.

    1. Hello Richard,
      Thank you for responding to my blog. The virus, lockdowns, and vaccinations are all a part of the Hegelian Dialectic control method. Have you listened to the 4 minute audio of my book AND THEY WILL RIOT IN THE STREETS?
      Take good care and I hope to hear from you again,

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