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Most Americans have fallen victim to the belief in American exceptionalism. In their minds, America is not just big and powerful—but an exception to all others. Countries have risen and fallen throughout history, but America is a nation blessed by God and set apart. They believe that America is the bearer of freedom and liberty, and Americans are morally superior to all other people and all other nations. This belief in American exceptionalism has justified America’s military exploits and has become a psychological barrier blinding Americans to geopolitical facts.

Germany’s unification of East and West in 1990 could have been the start of economic cooperation between Russia, Europe, the United States, and, eventually, China. But the window of opportunity was closed when America declared itself the only superpower and adopted a policy of controlling the world by military and economic warfare. Once America viewed European countries as allies, it now treats them as underlings and considers cooperation between Europe and Russia as a threat to US dominance.

Russia’s Gazprom and Europe’s big energy corporations have joined forces to build a second gas pipeline, Nord Stream 2, beneath the Baltic Sea, connecting Russia and Germany and, eventually, Europe. Not only would Nord Stream 2 preclude the necessity of expensive US liquefied natural gas (LNG) from being imported by the EU, it would make Europe and Russia partners with a real incentive to remain on good terms. Such a geopolitical turn of events has all the potential to render NATO obsolete.


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