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The new world order is upon us. The World Economic Forum ( and the book Covid-19: The Great Reset by Klaus Schwab and Thierry Malleret assure us that the modern world after the pandemic will be better, more inclusive, more equitable, and more respectful of Mother Nature once we reset the present social/economic system and replace it with a new and better one. There is no hidden agenda. When the elitists get together and talk about their plans for the future, all we have to do is listen to them because they tell us where the world is heading. You will own nothing and you will be happy.

In chapter 2, the authors show us how past epidemics have altered society and how COVID-19 can do the same today. They write in detail about how germ phobia will reshape society. Chapter 4 calls for a restructuring of the world’s economy and a global government. In their conclusion, on page 243, they ask the question: Could Covid-19 have the force to ignite profound changes?

According to the Forum, Covid-19 will usher in the Great Reset. The puppet masters seek to put us in bondage and debt by eliminating private property, phasing out the free enterprise system, installing fake democracy, controlling the media, and replacing Judaeo-Christian western values with paganism. The purpose of the bankruptcies, unemployment, and government debt increase is to put us in bondage.


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