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Let’s suppose a group of people want to control everyone else. The challenge is formulating a plan so that you can herd all the sheep into the slaughterhouse without them realizing and resisting. The perfect strategy is to present people with an invisible enemy. First, we had the bogey man of global warming, then the war on terrorism, with invisible terrorists. And now we have the scariest foe of all, a hidden virus that can strike anytime and anywhere. The virus is a perfect threat because it’s invisible and omnipresent. Is it real? Yes, it is real, like the flu is real.

So invisible enemies are always the preferred bogey man, mainly if they scare people. If you can use and introduce significant fear, people will need the pharmaceutical industry and the government to protect them from the invisible enemy. Then the second tactic, which is very effective, is to divide and conquer. This is where the media plays a role. The media plays a critical role in pitting person against person. If you can turn the vaxed people against the unvaxed people, you have a perfect recipe for riots in the streets.

In the United States, you can accelerate the process of social and economic breakdown by allowing millions of unvetted immigrants across the southern border and by flooding the market with funny money. In other countries, you can enable the free flow of immigrants into countries, especially people with different beliefs and customs. This will help destroy the history and cohesion of the host country. Once enough people are deceived and fearful, you can control them any way you wish. You can stop people from gathering. You can prevent people from organizing. You can stop people from getting together and talking about what’s going on. And if you digitize it with contract tracing, then your control is complete. Who’s talking to whom? If you can get them to do all their work online, you can listen to everything they say. You can achieve a great amount of surveillance this way. All this with the excuse of protecting society from an invisible enemy.


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