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The following is a paraphrase of an article by the same title at https://Townhall.com by Joseph Backholm posted on September 3, 2021.

Ephesians 5:22 in the Bible reads, “Wives, obey your husbands as you obey the Lord.” God has put an order in the family by sanctioning only one to be head of the family. But should the wife obey her husband if he is not living a Godly life according to the Word? Of course not. This directive is made clear in words “as you obey the Lord.” So it is with a republican form of government. The US is a democracy in a republic. We have a system based on law, but democracy tempers the law. But what happens when politicians overstep their authority and make decrees not given to them by law? Are we obligated to obey these authorities? Indeed, not, this would be tyranny. 

Gavin ordered Grace Community to stop having church. The church met anyway, and the state repeatedly fined the church for doing so. Many Christians criticized Grace Church because it was not obedient to the governing authorities. Grace Community Church believed that the county and state governments were violating the Constitution by telling churches not to do something they had a constitutional right to do. Standing up to what it considered its constitutional right, the church took the City of Los Angeles and the state of California. The court decided that it was the government and not the church that violated our constitutional rights. A similar case is Harvest Rock Church in California who won a $1,350,000 settlement against California. In July of 2021, the Capitol Hill Baptist Church was awarded $220,000 from the District of Columbia to pay the legal costs incurred while defending themselves against similar restrictions. In this case, the city demanded that the church could not meet outdoors, even though churchgoers would be at a safe distance from one another and would be wearing masks while allowing protests to take place without the requirement of masks.

Though elected politicians have legal authority, they are still subject to the laws of the land. If we do not hold our politicians accountable to the law, we have tyranny. A tyrant is when a ruler is unrestrained by law. Tyranny always leads to the subjugation of the ruled. James Madison once said that a country needs statutes and must obey the laws because “men are not angels.” People will not willingly give up their freedom, but a fearful populace may trade liberty for security.


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