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With the approval of the Pfizer jab for persons 16 years and up by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), we have entered into a whole new chapter, from strong coercion to outright mandates. The Pentagon is likely to mandate COVID vaccines for all military personnel, prompting soldiers to make some difficult choices for their future. Will vaccine passports be next? The vaccine passports will have nothing to do with health.

What does all of this have to do with the American dollar and central bankers? Since the Bretton Woods meeting of Western nations in 1943, the dollar has been the world’s standard currency, which governments use when they trade with one another. But forces are eroding the dollar’s pinnacle position globally, so central bankers are trying to build a new system, a new transaction system. But before the ruling elite can establish this new system, they have to destroy the old system by instigating a worldwide crisis. The crises would encourage people to seek protection. By controlling the mainline news, these oligarchs could inflict panic to the point that most people would support anything for the sake of their safety. With lock-downs, mandatory mask-wearing, and other measures, the masters of the universe can prevent people from communicating.

The end goal is to centralize currency and to use vaccine passports to control people. If people are dependent on a digital currency, the masters of the universe can influence people. They can control the process of buying and selling. In this game of world domination, the middle class and the small business owner are deterrents to implementing the plan because the end goal is economic and political control. These oligarchs use debt to enslave the general population as the borrower becomes a slave to the lender. Watch for the coming global ID system. This new system will work only if the general population support it.


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  1. Ken, what do you think the timetable is for the global ID currency? Should I be pulling my dollar bills out of the bank and stuff them in my mattress? What is the best hedge or safeguard for this position?

  2. Hello Cindi,
    People call economics the dismal science. As an economist, I tend to be pessimistic, which has made me a poor investor as I have missed out on some major market moves. In the worst-case scenario the less debt we have and the more real assets we own, the better off we will be. God has instructed us in his Word not to partake in the mark of the beast. I do not know what the future will bring, as long as we are willing to take a stand against the Globalists, we will be doing our part while we remain on this earth.
    God bless,

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