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Wokeness has descended upon the world like a blanket. At first, we could dismiss ‘cancel culture’ as a bad joke, but no one is laughing now. It is ironic that the Woke Movement began in the citadels of free thought and expression, college campuses. Today, many college students consider it their solemn duty to silence individuals who do not share their world views. Students have hurled rocks and torched buildings at the University of California as a protest against some conservative speakers. Kiersten Hening, a former Virginia Tech college soccer star, was bullied, benched, and then forced off the team by her coach for her refusal to take the knee in supporting Black Lives Matter at intercollegiate events. Although she supports the general movement, she disagrees with the BLM organization, particularly its stance on defunding the police. She is suing her former coach for redresses. Greg Clarke, a chairman of the English Football Association, was forced to resign after misusing the word “color” when he talked about racism. He discussed how female and male football players are treated and stated that “colored” football players have to deal with more abuse. A colleague heard this and called him out on his use of the word.


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