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John Pombe Joseph Magufuli was the fifth president of Tanzania, serving from 2015 until his death in March 2021. He was suspicious of World Health Organization policies and set out to prove its falsehood concerning the coronavirus. So he sent samples of animals, fruit and motor oil, most of them came back positive for the virus.

“We took samples from goats and sheep. We sent samples from car oil … And we even named all the samples. Like the sample of car oil we named Jabil Hamza, 30 years old, male. We took samples from (a bird) we named Kware. The results came back positive for Covid-19.”

Health care systems were never in danger of becoming overwhelmed because the mortality rate of Covid is equal to the seasonal flu. Even the United States Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) agrees PCR tests are not reliable and can lead to false conclusions. Elon Musk, the billionaire and founder of Tesla, had four PCR tests done on the same day, in the same place, and by the same nurse; two results came back positive, and two were negative. Several highly respected scientists believe that there has never been a Corona pandemic, only a PCR-test scam. Dr. Mike Yeadon is a former Vice-President and Chief Science Officer at Pfizer. He and other well-known scientists published a scientific paper in September of 2020 in which they wrote:

“We’re basing our government policy, our economic policy, and the policy of restricting fundamental rights, presumably on completely wrong data and assumptions about the coronavirus … We have explained how a hopelessly performing diagnostic test has been, not for diagnosis of disease, but it seems solely to create fear.”

—Excerpt from Riot in the Streets © Kenneth E. Long


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